World Vasectomy Day mobile clinic in New York promotes men’s engagement in contraception as an act of love

NEW YORK, November 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – World Vasectomy Day (WVD) started in 2013 and is the largest male-focused family planning project in history. Co-founded by the filmmaker Jonathan Pile and vasectomist Doug stein, the day was designed to engage men in reproductive health and encourage men and women to go beyond their comfort zones through respectful dialogue about family planning.

Even though it is more invasive, riskier and more expensive, women are twice as likely to have a tubal ligation as men to have a vasectomy.

This year, the first US vasectomy tour kicked off in early November and traveled from Des Moines, Iowa To New York City with dr. Esgar Guarin spread the message about the proactive role men can play in reproductive health to communities and health professionals.

At Friday 19 November, the An act of love interactive media production and celebration of men’s positive engagement in family planning will include a 24-hour pop-up clinic in Times Square and live global conversations about male contraception. It will also include women’s perspectives, educational materials, virtual reality and traditional storytelling to inspire conversations about informed decision-making and men’s responsibility in family planning.

Gabriel Films will capture images for To V or Not to V: The History of Men, Vasectomy and Family Planning, an interactive documentary and the culmination of a ten-year journey of Kenya To Indonesia, of Australia To Mexico, of Rwanda To Colombia and now in 2021, in New York City.

Interview opportunities:
Dr. Esgar Guarin, specialist in family medicine
Jonathan Pile, co-founder, WVD and Oscar nominee, and Sundance Grand Jury-winning filmmaker
Dr. Sarah miller, MD MPH, family physician and family planning specialist

WVD is more than a day, it is a movement of kind, conscientious men inspired by healthcare professionals and family planning experts who stand up together for the love of self, others and our future.

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