Pop-up vaccination clinic at All Saints Grammar gymnasium in Belmore to reopen

The pop-up vaccination center at All Saints Grammar’s gymnasium in Belmore will reopen next week.

It will remain open from Monday October 11 to Friday October 15.

The clinic opened on August 18 to help speed up vaccine deployment in New South Wales.

Tina Daniels, 47, wasted no time getting her jab in line, lining up the same day.

She described her experience in the Greek Herald as “unreal”.

“It was very good. Everyone is just trying to do their best to keep everyone safe and the nurses were lovely,” Ms. Daniels said as she sat in the observation area of ​​the clinic after receiving his vaccine.

The Contextual Clinic of the All Saints Grammar (Photo: The Greek Herald / Andriana Simos)

“I think it’s really good to have pop-up hubs like this. I wish there were more. It’s a great organization and it’s really lovely of them to open their doors to us and allow us to get vaccinated.

Hundreds of people aged 16 to 59 from the 12 affected local government areas (LGAs) showed up to roll up their sleeves for Pfizer’s coup in August.

The clinic administered a total of 4,500 Pfizer vaccines during the three-week opening.

You can book your vaccination at All Saints Grammar at: bit.ly/mycovaxvc16

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