New app alerts Australian healthcare professionals to their Ahpra recordings

The PracticeHub by Avant healthcare management platform has developed a new app that reminds healthcare professionals of renewing their registrations with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra).


The Ahpra Alerts app, which runs in the background of the PracticeHub system, syncs with the regulatory agency’s database, allowing healthcare organizations to check the registration statuses of their staff. It also sends notifications to their staff about their registrations.

The app automates the collection of information from the 15 health and medical boards overseeing registrations of health workers, including doctors, allied health professionals and nurses. This is a free add-on for current PracticeHub Core software subscribers.

The PracticeHub platform is currently used in over 900 medical organizations across Australia.


“The new application streamlines what is currently a very manual and error-prone exercise,” Martin Edwards, CEO of Avant Technology in Practice, said in a statement.

PracticeHub claims that the app reduces the administrative burden on firm staff, as well as the compliance risks that can arise as a result of enrollment cancellations.

Healthcare organizations have an obligation to ensure that their practitioners are properly registered. By automating this process, our Ahpra Alerts app ensures that organizations stay on top of the registration status of their practitioners throughout the year, not just every year upon renewal, which has been the only practical solution for many organizations so far, ”Edwards said.


The app’s release comes after PracticeHub introduced an app that manages annual doctors ‘insurance certificates, which ultimately helps reduce organizations’ medico-legal risks associated with manually collecting COIs. Thanks to the COI application, a doctor can save time by choosing to automate the collection and validation of his insurance certificate, by downloading it directly into his own files.


“Using the app in our PracticeHub system not only increases efficiency, but makes medical practice and its management safer for practitioners, practices and, most importantly, patients,” said Edwards.

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