Indonesia partners with U.S. Mayo Clinic to build international hospital in Bali

JAKARTA – Indonesia is working with the famous United States Mayo Clinic to build an international hospital on the island of Bali, with the aim of reducing the number of Indonesians seeking treatment abroad and redirecting billions of dollars of their annual medical expenses to the local health sector.

The resort island is one of three places where Indonesia has plans to build international hospitals. The other two sites are the capital Jakarta and Medan, the largest city in Sumatra, the second most populous island in the country.

The new Bali International Hospital is expected to be operational in mid-2023, President Joko Widodo said at the groundbreaking ceremony in Sanur, Bali on Monday (December 27).

“We hope that Bali will become a special economic zone for the health sector and hopefully by then there will be no more Indonesians traveling abroad for treatment,” Mr. Widodo.

Citing government estimates, he said that every year Indonesians spend 93 trillion rupees (S $ 8.9 billion) on medical care abroad.

Earlier government estimates showed that at least 600,000 Indonesian “medical tourists” travel abroad for treatment each year, most of them traveling to Singapore and Malaysia, each spending between $ 3,000. US (S $ 4,075) and US $ 10,000.

This is a significant sum, compared to Indonesia’s gross domestic product per capita of around US $ 4,000.

With this plan, the government hopes to save on foreign currency outflows from an economy hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

He said that if the full sum each year was spent in the country, jobs would be created and foreign investors would inject money into health services.

The location of the Bali International Hospital will be on a coastal land in Sanur adjacent to the Grand Inna Bali Beach Resort.

Mr Widodo said the hospital will offer treatment in areas such as oncology. No other details were disclosed by the government.

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