Bathurst man Robert McCusker returns to open Australian therapy clinic | Western lawyer

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THE Covid-19 pandemic saw former resident Robert McCusker return to Bathurst to open an Australian therapy clinic. A new approach to healthcare, said Mr McCusker, said Australian Therapy (AT) is the first natural therapy to be developed using modern science and was developed to speed up the body’s ability to repair itself. AT uses a modern anatomical and physiological approach to get the muscles back to their correct length, rather than traditional massage techniques. “The first thing people notice after AT treatment is improved posture,” said McCusker. “The second thing is that the pains are gone, and they feel looser and more free.” People also notice that they can breathe more deeply and feel calm and relaxed. “Improving posture has more health and wellness benefits than most people realize.” READ MORE: Mr McCusker said Bathurst has played an important role in the development of Australian therapy; her mom June Ryan has been a client for over 20 years. Ms. Ryan (84) still works two to five days a week at Bakers Delight Bathurst. “I’m a good example of what Robert can do. I was offered my first permanent position at the age of 83,” said Ms. Ryan. Bill Denmead of Bathurst Auto Glass also tried TA. “Before I saw Robert, all I thought about was retiring and maybe still had a year or two left.” Now I’m busier than ever and I feel 20 years younger. I can cycle and mow lawns without any pain. ”Mr McCusker said anyone wanting to learn more about AT can call him on 0477 272 778. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to community, here’s how to access our trusted content:



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