Australian healthcare customers choose Aruba technology

Network provider and a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, Aruba Networks, has deployed its end-to-end network solution to a series of new Australian healthcare customers.

These customers, which include Epworth HealthCare and Feros Care, have adopted its mobility-defined networks to better support patients, doctors and life-saving monitoring devices.

Epworth HealthCare is one of Victoria’s largest nonprofit healthcare groups. With technology being a critical part of the physician and patient experience at Epworth’s seven facilities, the group has upgraded its enterprise mobility infrastructure from the older generation of 802.11n and 11g wireless technologies to the latest network standard, 802.11ac.

Epworth infrastructure manager Nicholas Hobbs said the group has deployed Aruba’s 802.11ac mobility infrastructure and ClearPass access management solution to leverage a secure and better performing wireless network. , with the capacity and bandwidth to support higher user density at any time.

“With patients, we expect Wi-Fi to be there. Wireless is now akin to electricity, with access being a basic requirement. People just expect him to be there.

“However, safety is a factor in everything we do in healthcare, and there isn’t much to choose from when it comes to high quality safety. That’s why we chose Aruba, a system we can rely on, with ClearPass playing a major role in the complete solution, ”he said.

Likewise, the non-profit organization Feros Care has deployed Aruba mobility solutions to continue providing quality care and support services to older Australians. He said in order for the elderly care provider to remain highly competitive in Australia’s healthcare industry, a secure mobility solution was needed.

The wireless network infrastructure underpins Feros Care’s patient care needs and assists in the implementation of its strategic technology plan and “e-villages” program for retirement homes, providing mobility smart across the organization.

“Aruba’s mobility solution offers the ability to connect any device anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s the head office or the residential sites, we are not subject to any restrictions, on the contrary, we are empowered, ”said Glenn Payne, CIO of Feros Care.

Aruba A / NZ Managing Director Steve Coad said the growing demand for its mobility solutions among Australian healthcare facilities highlights the changing nature of patient care and the importance of technology in environments health care and palliative care.

Coad said he is also representing new customers embracing IoT as well as digital and mobile practices that are transforming the way physicians interact, diagnose and care for patients.

“We are seeing a growing demand from healthcare providers for high-performance mobility solutions. We are truly excited about the work we are doing with these forward-thinking healthcare facilities and want to provide a meaningful and positive experience for administrators, staff and patients, ”added Coad.

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