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Sydney CBD - Macquarie St. - 2000

Therapist Katherine Ferris
Contact Details Ph: (02) 9568 6801; Mob: 0414 585 595
  Email: hypnotherapist@sydneywellbeing.com 
  Web: www.sydneywellbeing.com
Practice Address Sydney Wellbeing Centre. 5/193 Macquarie Street, Sydney
Specialties Childbirth, HypnoBirthing, Fertility, IVF, HypnoFertility, Anxiety, Depression, Health Problems, Pain Management, IBS, Panic/Phobias, Self-Esteem, Smoking, Gambling; ADD / HD; Habits; Nail Biting; Memory; Study; Concentration; Stress, Weight Control, EFT, Counselling, P.S.H. Therapy
Qualifications Dip.PSH, Cert.HB, Cert.HF, CMAHA, MASTA, CHBE (USA) Health Fund Provider
NHRA™ Reg. No FM0512272
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Sydney CBD - Macquarie St. - 2000

Therapist Aylan Seal
Contact Details Ph: (02) 8096 3706; Mob: 0435 985 849
  Email: aylan@chooseyourpath.com.au  
  Web: www.chooseyourpath.com.au 
Practice Address Suite 1203, Room 1, 12th Floor;BMA House; 135-137 MacQuarie Street Sydney
Specialties Stop Smoking; Weight management and many more.
Qualifications Diploma in Hypnotherapy, CMAHA, NHRA,  Health Fund Provider
NHRA™ Reg. No CM 0713570
About my practice

Your welfare matters to us and you will always be treated with professionalism, integrity and complete confidentiality. Hypnotherapy is the quickest and most effective tool for gaining control, overcoming obstacles and achieving change. We will help you gain true insight, changing the negative perceptions and unhelpful beliefs that hold you back. We can guide you to your desired change

Other Qualifications: 5 Path Practitioner, Mental Gastric No Band Practitioner, Simpson Protocol The Esdaile State and Beyond

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Sydney CBD Macquarie St. - 2000

Therapist Tim Thornton
Contact Details Mob: 0424 079 690
  Email: timjthornton@hotmail.com
  Web: www.timthornton.com.au 
Practice Address Suite 704, Level 7, BMA House, 135 – 137 Macquarie Street, Sydney
Specialties Smoking cessation; and I also deal with Addictions; Anxiety; Concentration; depression; General Health & Wellbeing; Habit Disorders; IBS; Memory; NLP; Pain Management; Phobias; Self Esteem; Sport Performance; Stress Management; Study & Public Speaking, Weight Control - Trained in Sheila Granger's Virtual Gastric Band Procedure
Qualifications Cert. Clin. Hyp; Cert. NLP Prac.; Cert. Mesmerism & Hypnotic Fascination. PMAHA, NHRA™, Health Fund Provider
NHRA™ Reg. No PM 051189
About my practice

Tim runs a general practice with a holistic approach, considering all aspects of the client's situation, addressing all options to help restore wellbeing

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